Network configuration

For Lacentralina version 4-17-1 and 4-17-2, follow these instructions.


For Lacentralina 5-19-1 and 5-20 and 5-20-1 follow below:

LED color codes


Detailed data analysis

From the futureintheair platform, log in, then select my lacentralinas at the top. Position yourself on the control unit for which you want detailed information, and click on the pie chart icon at the bottom.

At this point you can see a page where you can select the analysis period and then print the pdf file of the visual report (after clicking search, click print).
If you wish, you can also generate a csv file to be subsequently imported into LibreOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel, MAC Numbers, Google Sheets.

Follow these instructions:



LibreOffice Calc

Microsoft Office Excel

MAC Numbers

Google Sheets



LibreOffice Calc

Microsoft Office Excel

MAC Numbers

Google Sheets


For google sheets the simplified procedure is as follows:

open the google spreadsheet
select File -> Import
Import the file ---> upload
load the CSV file previously saved on the computer
A small menu will open where you need to select the "Customize" type of separator and insert the semicolon (;)
Select yes to the proposed conversion of text into numbers, dates and formula

LED color codes when Lacentralina is running


Low or absence of risk


General risk


Significant risk


High risk


Severe risk



This device is guaranteed 1 year from the purchase date against manufacturing defects. Proof of date of purchase is mandatory. If the country where the product has been sold requires longer terms these will be honored.

This device is intended for information purposes only and the data it detects and shows should never be used where the safety of people or things is involved. The manufacturer and the seller of this product accept no responsibility if the product is used for purposes for which it has not been intended for. 


Network configuration
For Lacentralina v.5 all versions
configurazione rete lacentralina.pdf
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Quick reference
For Lacentralina v.4
quick reference.pdf
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Modbus operative instruction
MODBUS Lacentralina.pdf
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Istruzioni Lacentralina IT
infografica Lacentralina B IT@3x.png
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Codice colori Led IT
Colors IT@3x.png
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