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To respond to the current global emergency, Covid-19, remember that with the use of LaCentralina you can control the quantity of PM1, PM2.5 and PM4 and PM10 (scientifically correlated with the viral and bacterial load of the environment), ozone and know number of people in a room through analysis of carbon dioxide amount. Check with your accountant the tax credit that can be applied.

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INdoor and outdoor air quality monitoring unit

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you can now control indoor and outdoor pollutants everywhere in Europe! air quality map

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Interactive kiosk for air quality monitoring

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recommendation of the european commission

The European Commission (2019/1019 of 7 June 2019) has expressed its opinion on the modernization of buildings and has adopted the recommendation to ensure that the levels of air quality and comfort are transparent, according to the delegated regulation (EU) n.244/2012, avoiding the deterioration of indoor air quality, well-being and health conditions of the European real estate park.

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