Application Programming Interface
Application Programming Interface

aGrisù is a innovative startup and academic spin off established in order to:


  • Create tools for air pollutants monitoring
  • Create solutions and applications to visualize human absorption of pollutants, also during physical activity
  • Integrate processed data into third parties services/applications through A.P.I.
  • Supply real-time quality index of the environment where user is located


Through a patented international (EU and USA) algorithm, environmental pollutants are related with the physiological parameters, indicating whether he/she is overexposure to one or more pollutants.

Strategic points:


  • People are getting more interested in the quality of air, that is directly correlated with health, particularly in urban areas
  • In the future air quality analysis and his forecast will become commonly used, just as today it is the weather forecast
  • aGrisù monitoring devices are extremely modular, to fit any specific monitoring needs. Sending and receiving data wireless and it may be consulted (twitter) and monitored (open VPN) remotely


electronic processing, prototyping, modelling and big data analysis, advanced statistical data mining