interactive kiosk

An interactive info point to visualize the air quality index of your city

Environmental data

Atmospheric pressure

Cloud coverage

Weather condition

Sunrise - Sunset

Wind direction

Wind gusts

Wind speed






More awareness

for a better quality of life


Pollutants data

NO (Nitrogen oxide)

CO (Carbon monoxide)

SO2 (Sulfhur dioxide)

O3 (Ozone)

PM10 and PM2.5 (Particulate)

NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide)

NMVOC (non-methane VOC)

NH3 (Ammonia)

PANs (Peroxyacyl nitrates)

Pollens (Birch pollen grains) 

Interactive kiosk gives detailed and certified informations

about air quality with the purpose of increasing awareness in citizens 





 The interactive kiosk allows to visualize reliable and constantly up-to-date information about the air quality in a clear and simple way.




aGrisù allows to visualize data

through an owner interfacing system. 





Copernicus Programme is a complex system which collects photometric data from multiple sources: earth observation satellites and in situ sensors such as ground stations, airborne and sea-borne sensors. 

aGrisù processes data about the presence of pollutants through a confidential access to the system

and provides heterogeneous information about the concentration of pollutants over the European quadrant

(NO 69.95, 24.95; NE 69.95, 44.95; SO 30.05, 24.95; SE 30.05, 44.95)

and soon the coverage will be extended to the World. 

Interactive kiosks can be installed in different locations,

where citizens can easily view the data. 

Urban green area


Bus stops

Sports centers

Local health authorities 

Public buildings


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