air grisù

airGrisù: our environmental monitoring mobile application

A simple and extremely intuitive Air Quality app


airGrisù transforms your smartphone in a pollutants monitor.

A professional way to get daily outdoor air quality and pollutants data, at your specific location,

as simple as checking the weather.








airGrisù shows data for 10 specific pollutants:

SO2 - NO2 - PM10 - O3 - CO - PM2,5 







You can use airGrisù to track the outdoor air quality and pollutants data around you and to minimize your exposure to outdoor air pollution.





Watch the outdoor air quality at the kids kindergarten, plan the healthiest exercise route and make informed decisions about everyday life.







airGrisù is based on a international patent, pollutants data are daily updated; pollutants data are real and are based on a European network of air monitoring, they are not estimates and are not aggregated to form a generic air quality index.

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