aGrisù A.P.I.

to integrated environmental data in your services or mobile applications





aGrisù API allows to provide data about pollutants presence

in an European macro area

(NW 69.95, 24.95; NE 69.95, 44.95; SW 30.05, 24.95; SE 30.05, 44.95)

and it will be extended soon to the whole World. 




All data are obtained through an owner search engine and they can be offered to third parties that want to give a detailed and certified information about the healthy air with the purpose of increasing awareness in ordinary people. The data supply can be realized in a coarse way or following a data processing realized by aGrisù on client request. 





The pollutant server collects environmental data from public sources across Europe. In particular it can be considered as an interface to access a system which is able to process store and provide heterogeneous information about the concentration of pollutants over the European quadrant. 





The server offers a very simple API to ask information about a location defined in terms of latitude and longitude and provide information in a standard JSON format, containing the pollutants concentration (actual or estimated). 


aGrisù API productsheet EN
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aGrisù API productsheet IT
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Are you a manufacturer of a device for sports activities or a smart-watch?


Through the development of customized API, many devices for sport activity (Suunto, Garmin, Polar) or smart-watch (Samsung Gear or Apple Watch) can show to the final user the level of pollutants and the air quality at the site where the user is located (via GSM cell localization).